Covid Safety Precautions

Please allow us to go the extra mile to keep our staff & clients as safe as possible.

Masking Notice

Due to the rising numbers of Covid variants the salon has decided to enforce wearing masks inside the salon till further notice to help keep all our stylists & clients safe.

Outdoor Seating Area For
Social Distancing

We has created a lovely outdoor seating area at the back of our salon for clients to enjoy while waiting for their appointment or while their color is processing. If you are receiving a color service that needs heat you'll have the option of sitting outside on a warm day.

New UV HVAC System, Ventilation Fan and Intellipure Air Purifcation Systems

To continue to keep our clients safe, we have installed a UV HVAC System to help circulate the air flow within the salon and filter out any unwanted airborne contaminants, including viruses. UV lighting prevents microbial buildup on air filters, cooling coils, drain pans, and duct surfaces and keep it constantly sanitized.

We have also installed a ventilation fan near the ceiling to help draw out air from the room, helping to bring fresh air into the salon throughout the day.

Following the lead from Upstate, we have installed 2 Intellipure systems in the salon to add to our ventilation system and a UV filtering system on the HVAC.

SUNY Upstate Medical University chose Intellipure for air purification, an additional measure to improve air quality in facilities across the Upstate ecosystem. Upstate is using portable Intellipure solutions to help decrease harmful particle load on COVID-19 floors, to assist air quality in vaccine deployment rooms, and throughout many other parts of the patient experience. We now have the same, top of the line systems in our salon.